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Who We Are

New Wave Church

Our Mission

New Wave Church believes in sending believers to the nations and supporting those in the mission field, financially, prayerfully and physically.

To Evangelize Our primary goal in existence is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are open and willing to be creative with our talents, gifting and calling to communicate the love of God through His Son.

To Pastor Provide spiritual, emotional and physical nurturing of people. Our goal is to assist and support those that are and will become part of the family of God (more specifically) at Anchor Church. We would like to see all believers excel in their journey. The support will be based on the principles found in scriptures (Bible). We believe that to be whole, one must focus on the triune being of a person (body, soul and spirit).

To Teach Teach the scriptures and relay to the best of our ability the God knowledge contained within them for successful existence upon this planet. We believe the scriptures reveal God’s full intention for man based on the Creators plan and purpose for His creation. Our desire is to initiate application and activation of the gifts the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has given the Body of Christ and instructed in scripture to do so. God’s principles, commands, promises, ordinances, and instructions are written for the Church. This is part of the reason why it is our conviction to educate the believer at every level possible.

To Prophesy We believe the gift of prophecy is still in tact today and is readily available for exhortation, encouragement and reproof, as it was in the early church. We desire to teach men and women to fulfill the prophetic call in their own lives as instructed in the Word of God for the purpose of building up of the Saints and the Church.

To Send Out To acknowledge and encourage Apostles and Apostolic teams to continue the great commission given to the church. The word apostle means “sent one”. This is often confused with the call of the missionary. In scripture however, there is no missionary call given from God. We honor the God given office as that of the apostle. The apostolic office was and is ordained by Christ as the office that would be sent out to establish new works and bring order to established works.

To exemplify a Five Fold Ministry Church: (Ephesians 4:11) These are the governing offices left by the Lord Jesus Christ to administrate or govern the local church. All of these offices are in tact and should be functioning in the local Church of Jesus Christ today.  If these offices are not in tact then the church will not be able to fully reach its intended level of maturity and power.